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What Our Listeners Say

All subjects covered in your podcast are illuminating in their infallibility. Any theme you cover is always compelling and the genuine truth in them makes me forget about that email I sent you a few months ago. Thanks Rich for providing this outstanding podcast and I hope you are in high spirits.

Daniel Hermann, Canada

After many years of listening, the programs on the STOP Radio Network are invaluable and impossible to forget. Simply put they changed my life, without the Trilogical orientation provided in these show, humanity is at a dead end.

John Turner, New York

I have been listening to your "Thinking with somebody else's head" for about 4 months, and it has helped me at various levels of my life. I probably have listened to some of your episodes over and over - maybe at least 50 times.

Mariko Welch, USA

I am planning to do a doctorate in psychology eventually and I would like to know more about Keppe's methodology for inclusion in my training on understanding and treating human psychopathology and suffering.

Thanks for your podcasts. They're a wonderful respite from U.S. culture, where up is down and down is up and everyone is inside out, only they don't know it.

Samantha Pirnak, USA

I was born and raised in Vancouver, but I'm currently attending college in Virginia. Recently I stumbled upon your podcast archive online. I thought it best to start with your first podcast and I've been listening to each one with much enjoyment. For many months you've been offering a copy of Dr. Keppe's book. I don't suppose you still have a copy available? I bought Dr. Keppe's book The Origin of Illness years ago. Upon reading it my world was shattered and instantly I was brought into touch with reality. You're so lucky to be able to study Analytical Trilogy. Dr. Keppe's work intrigues me and I would love to pursue a degree in psychology in order to explore his concepts further.

I look forward to listening to the rest of your pod casts and will follow your work with great interest.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Griese, South Boston, Virginia

Right or Wrong: Profoundly Challenging

Richard Lloyd Jones offers a new hypothesis on many old patterns of thought and scientific evidence. Whether you agree with his point of view or not, you will, without doubt, reconsider your position on many issues. On the other hand, there are some excellent propositions being presented, much of which can be verified through other sources and current scientific and medical research. Be skeptical. It's good for you to validate what you think you know and what you really need to know.

Anonymous Comment on ITunes

I discovered your podcast not much more than a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it tremendously. I am struck while listening to you and your guests speak about Keppe's work mainly due to the degree of truth that emanates from your discussions. It is like hearing something you knew all along but had either pushed down or forced away. It is refreshing, terrifying, and wonderful, and above all else tremendously important, keep up the amazing work.

I'd love to get copies of any of Keppe's literature you are able to share.

John McMullen, OALA, MCIP, RPP

Township of Muskoka Lakes, Canada

Dr. Keppe has opened my eyes. He was able to verbalize what I was holding inside. I know it’s real and I feel that what he says is bold and intelligent and universal. He offers us a point of freedom from Inversion. As he says, “We all have a little bit of sickness, we’re all in this together, now let’s try to climb out into the real.”

Thank you for a great Podcast.

Tijana Busic, Slovenia

As I ride my bike in the dark to and from work, I enjoy the meditation of your podcasts and the introspective outlooks of your talks. I am still surprised that I have not heard of the wonderful Keppe in all my years. I am glad you have brought him to me. I am living in Taiwan and I have enjoyed the out-of-society perspective to gather a whole unbiased point of view the self and society. Thanks again for a well produced program.

Jimi, Taiwan

I must say I am truly impressed with your program. I was starting to think humanity was set irreversibly in its current downward spiral. Your program is the first ray of sunshine I’ve heard in a long time. I also wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for validating how I live and view this intrinsic essence we know as life.

Thank You!

Storey Kilgore, USA

First, let me thank you for your podcast—I've found it to be both thought provoking and inspirational. It's amazing how much sense everything makes once you really think about it. I spent several years severely depressed and on medication so I loved hearing what you had to say about depression. I was recently on a road trip with my brother and your podcasts prompted several very interesting discussions between us.

Greg Howell, USA

I love your podcast and thank you for this brainfood! And also thank you for bringing the work of Dr. Keppe to my attention. I've never heard of him here in The Netherlands but now via your shows I can read more on his highly interesting site. I’m promoting your podcast because in my opinion we need to change our way of thinking so that we create value in this world instead of destroying it. This is only possible with a profound understanding of life.

Ludmilla Ducaneaux, The Netherlands

I have been listening to Thinking with Somebody Else's Head and I am very interested in the work of Dr. Keppe. I think there’s so much truth in your program and I have been telling everybody I can about Dr. Keppe and Analytical Trilogy. And your Podcast.

Craig Samson, Canada

I have been really intrigued by the model of business that Keppe proposes. Capitalism is really stressing this country to the point of leading people to become more and more inverted. I love the sound psychological school of thought that includes theology that your Podcast puts forth. This is refreshing and badly needed.

Michael Lawless, A fellow Canadian working in Siberia

I am overwhelmed!

I had your podcast downloaded at my iPod for a long time, but only today began listening to it. And once I started, I could not stop listening anymore!!!

The things you and your visitors were saying made so much sense to me! I wanted to start calling some people I know and telling them all about the Trilogy ideas you discuss.

Patricia Jacob, Brazil

For those of you who haven’t listened to any of these Podcasts and are basing your decision on whether or not to listen on some of the negative reviews that have been posted, please keep an open mind and heart and don’t be put off by the hateful negative responses/reviews that are offered by some. Listen and then judge for yourself and remember, it is possible to express your opinion and show off your intellect even if you disagree with someone without spewing hatred and ugliness.

Anonymous Comment on Itunes

Listen for yourself. These words and concepts are health food for our troubled times. With so many spin doctors out there in ever arena of society, I find logical truths in every one of these episodes. Our entire society is broken and it’s good to finally hear an honest voice cutting through the noise. This Podcast actually offers proven living solutions to the sicknesses of our world. Others only complain about the way things are and only throw blame at others. It’s time for me to take responsibility for my own actions. If you like complainers who only want to get a laugh or further their own careers, then this is not for you. It’s time to throw away the dogma of society and wake up world. Truth is a monster that is soon coming for us all. The sweetest monster I’ve ever known.

Anonymous Comment on Itunes

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