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What is Analytical Trilogy?

It is our wish that Analytical Trilogy be studied, discussed and utilized for the benefit of humanity. We do not seek personal gain from the application of our work, but based on our understanding and experience, it is the best way to solve our most crushing problems.

Dr. Norberto R. Keppe

Dr. Cláudia Pacheco



THE GENESIS OF ANALYTICAL TRILOGY (formerly Integral Psychoanalysis)

Analytical Trilogy (AT) emerged from the work of psychoanalyst, philosopher and social scientist Dr. Norberto Keppe. It represents a unity of the three main areas of human function: theology, philosophy and science, which correspond to feeling, thought and action in the individual.


Keppe has never been interested in creating a new science from nothing, or simply adding to the intellectual storehouse of his initial discipline, Freudian psychoanalysis. His deep concern has been to find a practical means to help alleviate the mental, physical, spiritual, social, economic and ecological suffering of human beings. He quickly realized that humanitys present body of knowledge was insufficient to do that, mostly because of the narrowly confined approaches of the disciplines, which treat problems in a compartmentalized manner. He perceived that for any methodology to be effective, it must address the wholeness of human experience. He also agreed with Freud and others that the human psychological aspect was of paramount importance.



What emerged from Keppes research and clinical analysis is a synthesis a vast, overarching Science that orients all other areas of human achievement. This new Trilogical Science succeeds in identifying the flaws that exist in all areas of civilization precisely because it has developed a clearer understanding of the psychopathology of the human beings who built the civilization, and the sociopathology that subsequently reveals itself in the structures and systems that are created. This is the missing link in the discussion about how to solve the massive problems facing humankind today.


Analytical Trilogy is a unique scientific methodology that makes use of dialectics and interiorization (see Glossary of Terms page) to address the deep psychological and philosophical belief structures underlying mental, physical and social distress. But Analytical Trilogy is not merely a psychotherapeutic methodology. Its trilogical nature ensures its approach is effective in all areas of human endeavor: business, education, law, politics, arts, communications, science, productivity, creativity, etc.




Keppe completed the bulk of his discoveries in the late 1970s, after more than 15 years as a Freudian psychoanalyst (see Keppe Biography). He has identified the key psychological attitudes that have been adopted to one degree or another by almost all human beings throughout history, causing us to misinterpret our world and create systems and structures in complete opposition to the reality of ourselves and the universe we live in. These attitudes include Inversion, Universal Envy and Theomania (see Glossary of Terms), major contributions to the intellectual treasury of civilization, and which corrected and built upon the pioneering work of Freud, Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion. He was only able to accomplish this because of his knowledge of Metaphysics, which he achieved by studying the great philosophers, particularly the ancient Greeks.




Beginning in 1977, Keppe began to write of his discoveries and findings in a series of books that essentially re-defined consciousness, science and philosophy. He saw clients in his private clinic, and continued his work in the Center of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Clinical Hospital of São Paulo (USP), which he founded in 1961. He also worked for many years in the field of industrial and social psychology, consulting with businesses and hospitals in areas such as employee selection and management psychology.


In the early 1970s, Cláudia Pacheco became aware of Keppes work when she initiated her psychoanalytical training with him at the Clinical Hospital of USP. After training in Analytical Trilogy at Keppes International Society of Analytical Trilogy, she embarked on many projects instrumental to furthering Trilogys ideas (see Pacheco bio).




In 1980, the international phase of Analytical Trilogy began. Keppe and Pacheco traveled extensively, presenting their ideas and discoveries in Universities and health institutions around Europe, and South and North America. They moved to New York in 1984 to continue their research and writing, and Keppe made his most important discoveries in the area of sociopathology, perceiving the inherent pathology of social and economic power. This culminated in the publication of his provocative and elemental book Liberation of the People: the Pathology of Power, with contributions from Dr. Pacheco. This was a highly critical and incisive look at the psychopathology exhibited by the systems in the worlds most powerful country.




Keppes studies and research had led him to the inescapable conclusion that mental and physical illness, as well as having roots in individual psychological pathology, was also fed substantially by the sociopathological nature of the structures of society. He determined that any treatment, to be truly effective, must address problems at both the social and individual level. The brilliance of his synthesis of theology, philosophy and science was evidenced again, bringing together all aspects of culture, and providing solutions in all areas of human endeavor.After leaving the U.S., Keppe and Pacheco lived in London, Paris and Lisbon, continuing their writing and research. They continued to speak about social and personal issues, conducting many forums through Pachecos organization, Stop the Destruction of the World Association.




Norberto Keppe has created his own method of individual and group psychotherapy, which offers great success in treating many mental psychoses and physical diseases. He has also used his discoveries to create Trilogical Enterprises (see Trilogical Enterprises page) and Residences (see Trilogical Residences page), which employ his findings to form highly workable and easily implemented social solutions to present-day problems.


Keppe and Pacheco continue working today from their highly successful private clinic in São Paulo, Brazil. Their work has always been self-supporting and receives no funding or grants from any private or public source. The International Society of Analytical Trilogy has no political affiliations of any kind.


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